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26 Responses to “Cartoon 16: Hans-Helmut Sex”
  1. matthew says:

    thats hot! even though im onlly 13 i wish sex with my girlfriend was like that!

  2. xxx says:

    @ matthew:
    you’re an idiot… you’re 13

  3. alexis says:

    wow ur only 13 and ur all ready having sex

  4. WTF says:

    WTF?!?! i am thirteen and that is just soooo wrong… :O yuck what kind of sick girls do you date that would let u do that?!!

  5. hey alles goed ?

    sex hoer

  6. O-M-G!!! says:

    @ matthew:

    Dud, you REALLY need to get some professional help. You’re 13 and already having sex?! That’s not something to brag about buddy, sex is serious thing.

  7. pshfatah D; says:

    WTF matheww! .________________________________.

  8. spellingwizard says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    Matthew I am thirteen and probably older than you and I don’t even think about sex yet. Thats not good:(
    @ matthew:

  10. sweety says:

    its cool

  11. Judge says:

    @Matthew You are a liar! :)

  12. anonymous says:

    that is soo wrong i cant believe that u guys had sex already

  13. anon says:

    ….they seem me trolling….they hatin’.

  14. anonymous says:

    matthew u r 1 nasty person. sex at 13! i can’t believe it! ps i’m 11

  15. Anonymous says:

    @ alexis: its funny because you’re probly still a virgin. i’m twelve and i’ve done it.

  16. Human says:

    guys stop hatin. i’m twelve and i’ve done it, its not a big thing, so fuck off.

  17. Mickey says:

    PFFT yea its no big deal -____-” what if you have a baby? are you just going to kill it? or send it to a foster home because youre still a kid yourself??! im 14 and yea i think about it like what would it be like but why would you do it? wait untill you 18 or MARRIED.

  18. laycie says:

    Matthew? Does your last name start with a G?

  19. Carmen says:

    That is so HOT

  20. Carmen says:

    I love you matthew!

  21. sweet meow says:

    ohh my god :o

  22. whiteangel says:

    that`s normal i have sex when i was 9 my first time!!!

  23. wildcat says:

    u a sick sex@13. sex @ 9 yrs u were probably raped.

  24. anonymous says:

    wow talking about sex and even HAVING IT at ages 9-13 thats how i know modern society is failing…

  25. Roxy says:

    guys. I’m 16 and ive had sex with my girlfriend. and yes, i am a girl.