Communities for Cartoonists: – ToonsUp is a german website where you can upload your comics and illustrations. It`s a small, nice community where people can not only view but rate and comment your work too. Even if it is german, people understand English and artists from every country are welcome. – Another community like toonsup but bigger and more business-orientated. Somewhat like the Deviant Art for cartoonists. Not so suitable for presenting longer comics though, since you can only upload single pages. – The webcomiclist has not only a list of webcomics but also webcomic news, a new annual award for webcomics and best of all a forum where you can talk about anything with a lot of aspiring webcomic creators.

Webcomics and other Cartoonist’s Websites:

Union of Heroes – A different kind of webcomic, it´s a photocomic about german superheroes made with a lot of  passion and fun by it’s creators.